A best-selling autoclave model with various functions and good operability.
HV - L series
HV-25L / HV-50L /
HV-85L / HV-110L
  • Electro-mechanical lid lock system
  • Dual interlock mechanism
  • Air removal time setting
  • Forced cooling unit(option)

  •  ■ Features & Functions
    EU Model
    Products compliant with european Standards (ENs)
    Electro-mechanical lid lock system
    The lid can be opened and closed easily and reliably with the one-touch lever.
    A pressure seal method is used as a safety measure.
    Dual interlock mechanism
    The lid is locked by dually detecting the chamber pressure and chamber temperature during operation.
    The lock state is maintained even if an operation is manually interrupted.
    Dual detection system for residual air
    The residual air which may cause sterilization failure is dually detected to always maintain the appropriate sterilization conditions for loads. ※The residual air is detected at the process before pressurization (during operation of an air removal timer) and at the process of pressurization air exhaust.
    Exhaust level can be set digitally
    Fine exhaust can be performed automatically, and fine exhaust adjustment is possible even in exhaust.
    Memory function
    Set contents can be registered for each mode.
    Required utilities    
    Power supply: Refer to the specifications. Household outlets are not recommended for products requiring 100 V 20A.
    ※Ask us for details.
     ■ Display panel
     ■ Operation cycle of each mode
      MODE 1 :
      LIQUID with warming
    HeatingSterilizationVariable exhaustWarming
      ●Main applications: Sterilization of agar medium (It is warmed at constant temperature to prevent clotting after sterilization.
      MODE 2 :
      LIQUID without warming
    HeatingSterilizationVariable exhaust
      ●Main applications: Sterilization of liquid, which can withstand high temperature and high pressure steam such as water, culture       medium, reagent, reagent solution, liquid medicine, etc. and sterilization of waste using a sterilization bag.
      MODE 3 :
    HeatingSterilizationForced exhaust
      ●Main applications: Sterilization of instruments made of glass, ceramic, metal or rubber that can withstand high temperature,
          high pressure steam and rapid pressure reduction during exhaust.
      MODE4 :
      ●Main applications: Dissolution of agar medium (It is warmed at constant temperature to prevent clotting after heating.
     ■ Options for upgrading a system (retrofittable)
    Forced cooling unit (air-cool)Floating sensorRecorderPrinterAutomatic
    water supply
    Used to shorten the time to unloading after sterilization.A sterilization timer operates after the temperature of the materials to be sterilzed reaches the set temperature.(Image is a chart type recorder)
    ・Chart type recorder: 6-point dotting
    ・Hybrid recorder: 8-point dotting
    ※Chart width: 100mm
    ※Class 2 T-type thermocouple included
    ※Thermal print typeWater supply to the chamber becomes unnecessary.
     ■ Option
    Stainless steel round wire basket Sterilization bucket, stainless steel
    [For HV-25]
    φ210 x H255(mm)

    [For HV-50]
    φ270 x H220(mm)
    φ270 x H270(mm)

    [For HV-85]
    φ380 x H285(mm)

    [For HV-110]
    φ380 x H375(mm)
    [For HV-25]
    φ210 x H255(mm)

    [For HV-50]
    φ270 x H220(mm)
    φ270 x H270(mm)

    [For HV-85・with holes/without holes]
    φ380 x H285(mm)

    [For HV-110・with holes/without holes]
    φ380 x H375(mm)
    Detergent for autoclave Sterilization bagDeodorizer
    Detergent to remove culture media, water scale sticked to the inside of a chamber

    [Standard amount of use]
    1 cap of detergent in 2ℓof water (20cc・1%))
    ※Take out the materials at the time of use.

    Special structure reinforced film.
    Heat resistant temperature is 130℃

    [Type:A] 200pcs

    [Type:B] 200pcs

    ※Use it without closing the mouth.
    Deodorizer for the "unpleasant odor" generated during sterilization of culture media etc.

    It melts smoothly in the sterilization process and exerts a deodorization effect.
    Standard usage according to the autoclave capacity less than 40ℓ :2-3 T at once
    from 40ℓ to 60ℓ: 4 T at once
    from 60ℓ to100ℓ: 6 T at once
    Sterilization tape, Sterilization label, Sterilization bag
    ■Sterilization tape: Clear color change makes it easy to identify exposure to sterilization process.
    ■Sterilization label: Paste directly on the object to be sterilized, you can check the sterilization treatment. After sterilization, the letters "sterilized" appear and it can be easily distinguished from untreated materials.
    ■Sterilization bag: There are sterilization bags that are made of paper, roll type or one seal back type. Most of them are heat seal type, but tape seal type and aluminum plate seal type can also be available.

    ※Ask us for prices and more details.
     ■ Specifications
    Product nameHICLAVE HV series [EU Model]
    Effective capacity25L50L85L110L
    Chamber size (φ x H mm)240 x 550300 x 710420 x 615420 x 795
    Operation mode4 modes (LIQUID with warming, LIQUID without warming, SOLID, DISSOLUTION), one memory for each mode
    setting range
    Sterilization105-126℃ Variable105-135℃ Variable105-128℃ Variable105-123℃ Variable
    Dissolution60 - 100℃ Variable
    Warming45 - 60℃ Variable
    Time setting
    Sterilization1-250 min, Remaining time is displayed
    Dissolution1-60 min, Remaining time is displayed
    Warming20 hours, fixed
    Auto-startProgram autoclave to start 1 min to 1 week later
    Exhaust setting0 - 100%, Valve opening degree setting for LIQUID mode
    Maximum working pressure0.17Mpa0.26MPa0.18Mpa0.16Mpa
    Pressure gauge0-0.4MPa
    Safety devicesPressure safety valve, Over-current and earth leakage breaker, Low water cut off device
    Alarms, error displayLow water heating, Temperature sensor wire disconnection, Over-temperature, Over-cool, Over-pressure,
    Abnormality in lid opening/closing lever lock
    Outside dimensions (W x D x H mm)485 x 470 x 956547 x 532 x 1046667 x 652 x 1011667 x 652 x 1191
    Weight (Approximately)41 kg57 kg71 kg81 kg
    Pressure vessel categorySmall sized pressure vessel
    Chamber materialStainless steel (SUS304)
    Power supplyAC230/240V, 50/60Hz (Single phase)
    (Specify voltage when ordering))
    Required power supply facility 1.5kW2.0kW3.0kW4.0kW
    Power connection
    (Cord length)
    Ring terminal (3 m)
    Supplied accessoriesWire mesh basket (2), Bottom plate, Drainage hose, Exhaust hose, Exhaust bottle,
    Drain recovery bottle, Cable tie, Caster stopper (2)