Prevention of air bubbles in LCD panels. A wide range of models.
Autoclaves for LCD Panel
PTU series

line up:
PTU-305VⅢ /PTU-507H /PTU-807H /
PTU-1207H /PTU-1507H

 ■ Features & Functions
Setting of appropriate condition is easy
It is possible to create appropriate conditions for removing air bubbles after sticking a polarizing plate in the LCD manufacturing process by setting temperature, pressure, and time in combination.
Improving the adhesion strength between polarizing plate and cell
It is possible to increase the adhesion strength between the polarizing plate and cell after sticking the polarizing plate by applying heat and pressure.
Each setting is easy
As the high precision digital input system is employed for setting temperature, pressure, time, etc. , settings are easy. ( PTU-305VⅢ can set only temperature and time.)
High precision control system
The temperature control system is a PID control/SSR drive method, and the pressure control system is a ON/OFF control and solenoid valve open / close system or motor-driven valve open / close system, enabling high precision control.
Equipped with various safety devices including interlock mechanism
The door clamping method employs a clutch system driven by gears with secure interlock mechanism. ( PTU-305VIII uses the eye bolts for clamping.) The chamber is made of stainless steel and the over-temperature prevention device, over-pressure prevention device, pressure safety valve, etc. are installed.
Applicable to the heated and pressurized environments
This equipment is applicable not only to the removal of air bubbles in the liquid crystal display but also to the heated and pressurized environments.
A cycle time is shortened
A warm-up function enables quick rise time and shorten the cycle time.
Required utilities    
Power supply: Refer to the specifications. Household outlets are not recommended
 ■ Options
RecorderCabinetDrawer type tray
Recorder for temperature, humidity, pressure
Recorder for temperature and humidity
Cabinet for main body
It can smoothly put in and out specimens.
(PTU-507H / 807H)
Safety cover for lidExhaust ductStackable rack
For PTU-305VⅢFor PTU-507H (with cabinet)
For PTU-807H
Chamber space can be effectively used.
 ■ We undertake the design and manufacture of large-capacity custom-made products.
Large capacity autoclave for LCD panels with effective chamber diameter ofφ2000 mm, and equipped with circulating air supply system in the chamber. (An example of custom-made autoclave)

We offer large-capacity, large-scale custom-made products in a consistent system from design, manufacture, sales to maintenance.
Please ask our Overseas Sales Department for details.
 ■ Specifications
Autoclaves for LCD Panel
Outside dimensionsW750 x D550 x H1050 mmW850 x D1375 x H1650 mmW1470 x D1515 x H1800 mmMain body :
W1800 x D3480 x H1850 mm
Stand-alone control box:
W900 x D350 x H1650 mm
Main body :
W2200 x D5200 x H2300 mm
Stand-alone control box:
W1000 x D350 x H1750 mm
Effective chamber sizeφ250 x D340 mmφ450 x D600 mmφ700 x D600 mm
(Effective height: H400)
Inside the chamber:
φ1200 x D1600 mm(Straight body)
Inner chamber:
φ1100 xD1500 mm
Inside the chamber:
φ1500 x D2500 mm(Straight body)
Inner chamber:
φ1400 x D2400 mm
Weight (Approximately)105 kg370 kg800 kgMain body 2,500 kg
Stand-alone control box180 kg
Main body 5,000 kg
Stand-alone control box200 kg
Temperature control methodPID control, SSD drive
TemperatureWorking range50-100℃(Service temp. 80℃)50-80℃
Control accuracy - ±3℃(No-load・50℃・0.5MPa)±2℃(No-load・50℃・0.5MPa)±5℃(No-load・50℃・0.5MPa)
Pressure control methodON/OFF control, Solenoid valve open/close systemON/OFF control, Motor driven valve open/close system
PressureWorking range0.196-0.490 MPa0.05-0.69 MPa
Control accuracy - ±0.01 MPa
InstrumentationTemperature: Digital setting, Digital display
Pressure: Digital setting, digital/analog display
※PTU-305VⅢ: Analog setting, analog display
Time: Digital setting, digital display (Timer : 99 hr 59 min) 
Lid clamp methodEye bolt clamping methodClutch type lid clumping method
MaterialsChamber: SUS304
Top panel: SUS304
Piping: Cu
Exterior panel: SPCC, beking
inner chamber,
Clutch claw,
chamber support frame: SS400
(urethane coating)
Control box:
(baking finish)
Piping: Cu
lid, shelf:

Clutch door
(only clutch part):
SS400 (epoxy resin paint)

SUS304 and Cu

Frame: SS400 L-shaped angle
(baking finish)

Exterior panel:
(baking finish)
inner chamber, lid:

Clutch door
(only clutch part),
chamber support frame:
(epoxy resin paint)

SUS304 and Nylon12

Stand-alone control box,
exterior panel:
(baking finish)
inner chamber,
cart for inside:

Clutch door
(only clutch part),
cart for outside:
(epoxy resin paint)

SUS304 and nylon 12

Stand-alone control box,
exterior panel:
(baking finish)
Pressure vessel categorySmall sized pressure vesselSecond class pressure vessel
Power supplyAC220/230/240V, 50/60Hz (Single phase)
(Select one from the above power supply voltages, when placing an order.)
Power connection
Ring terminal
Safety devicesSafety pressure valve, Over-pressure prevention device, Low wtaer cut off device, Earth leakage breaker, Breaker for heater,Thermal fuse, Control fuse
Supplied accessoriesPower cord
Pressure-proof hose x 2,
Nut tightening tool x 1
Power cord
Shelf x 2
※The above outside dimensions do not include the size of protrusions.
※The performance value was obtained when ambient temperature was normal and the test chamber was empty.