Lifetime evaluation of LEDs is now possible using a HAST Chamber.
LED Evaluation Unit
for HAST Chamber

(PAT. P. 2010-43757)

line up:
L-LBU805 /L-LBU810 / L-LBU815

 ■ Features & Functions
LED degradation can be evaluated in a short period of time by connecting this unit to a HAST chamber.
Connectable HAST chambers : PC-R9 / R8 / R8D / 242HSR2
Maximum number of channels : 40
A LED board unit that has 8 measurement channels can be installed in the HAST chamber up to 5 units. (PC-R9/R8)
 ■ LED lifetime data
Data can be transmitted from the measurement unit to a PC via USB interface, and measurement data can be edited and displayed as a graph.
Up to 40 measurement channels can be tested to evaluate the degradation of LED light output and Vf transitions. You can also compare and examine data to select LEDs. The degradation tendency of the LED light output is turned out in one week, and data is sampled and displayed at one minute intervals.
 ■  Units that constitute the system
(Photoelectric conversion unit)
(Constant current supply and measurement unit)
Up tp 8 LEDs are placed on the board and the light output is received with photodiode.Constant current is supplied to each channel and PD value and Vf value are measured. Measurement data is transmitted to a PC via USB interface.
(8 measurement channels per unit.)
Interface cableP C
Used to connect a PC with LBU.(Cable type is different depending on HAST chambers and temperature chambers.)PC obtains data from the measurement unit via USB interface.A start, stop and program control can be operated by a PC.
 ■ Specifications
LED evaluation unit for HAST chamber:L-HAST
Output sepcificationNumber of outputs8-channel
Output current range0-0.5A0-1A0-1.5A
Open-circuit voltage9V
Measurement specificationLED If current measurement0-0.5A0-1A0-1.5A
LED Vf voltage measurement0-9V
※The above outside dimensions do not include the size of protrusions.